Mexican Coca-Cola $2.50

Jarritos Grapefruit $2.50

Topo Chico (Mineral Water) $2.50

Assorted Fancy Sodas $3.50

Aguas Frescas $4.50
A daily mix of fresh fruits


Tecate Draught $3.50

Bottled Beers $3.25

Draught Beers (Please see board for selection)

Michelada $4.00
Tecate, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, house-made serrano & jalapeno sauce served over ice with a morita chile salt rim. A Mexican treat.

Princesa Sucia $4.00
Tecate w/ a splash of fresh orange juice or caramelized pineapple lime juice


Margarita $9
Teote’s house margarita made with fresh juices and served with a chile salted rim

Spun Agua Fresca $9 w/ Mezcal $12
Any of our agua frescas and a shot of rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila or mezcal

Mezcal Margarita $12
Wahaka Espadin mezcal, lime, orange, agave, morita chile rim salt

Sangria $7
House-made sangria (Check Board for current Sangria).

Mimosa $6
Champagne split with a splash of orange juice or pineapple lime juice.