Family Meal Kits/Pantry Items Survey

Teote is interested in expanding the items/options available in our Family Meal Kits, as well as providing other items that can be purchased in advance that aren’t part of our regular menu.

Please fill out the survey below, click submit, and we’ll send you a discount code good for $5.00 off your next Family Meal Kit purchase. Thank you!


  • Meal Options

  • These are some of the additional items we are considering making available for pre-order as part of our Family Meal plan. Please select ones you would be interested in adding to your next Family Meal, or just on their own.
  • We are considering offering our Family Meal Kit with different starch options in addition to arepas--corn tortillas for tacos, flour tortillas for burritos, or chips (Juanita's or house-made) for nachos. Select any you might consider for your next Family Meal Kit.
  • Any other ideas or suggestions on how we can make our Family Meal Kits better for you?

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