Teote is a Latin American street food experience celebrating gluten-free arepas. We curate a menu of exciting cross-cultural flavors and epicurean delights. We strive to serve the adventurous healthy eater a delicious meal in an open environment that champions a sustainable lifestyle.

Join the revolution…11am – 10:00pm Sun – Thurs, 11am – 11pm F/S

1615 SE 12th Ave in Portland, Oregon  971.888.5281

Sorry, we do not take reservations.

Minors allowed on the back patio until 9pm.

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Is Teote Gluten-Free?

Teote does not use any wheat or any other flours that contain gluten in any of our recipes, however the masa we get from Colombia could possibly have a cross contamination of gluten containing products. I have done my best to create a allergen conscious menu and many of my customers who are celiac and or sensitive to gluten have not reported any ill affects from eating at Teote. This has been my best test to allergen sensitive people including myself, rather than relying on labels and certifications. One of my recipes does contain beer and it is made with gluten-free beer. Teote will always try to accommodate those of us who champion a healthy lifestyle by using the freshest and cleanest foods possible and continually try to support those with a allergen conscious diet.

Thank You,
Michael Kennett – Owner of Teote

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